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Rescue D Reef is a creative project raising awareness about our ocean’s coral reefs, which are vital to the survival of life and impact us in countless ways. Our marine and coastal resources are some of our country’s greatest assets and they are under threat from an increasing human population and our unrestrained use. It is critical that we start reversing our damage as reefs may never recover if we do not take corrective action. All profits from RDR merchandise will be used to support our education and outreach activities to raise awareness of Trinbago reefs and the catastrophic future they face, as well as to support scientific research to ensure their sustainable management and protection. Together, we can turn the tide and influence minds, locally and globally, to be better stewards of our remarkable planet.
Our Story

Our Story

Rescue D Reef was launched in 2020 as a collaboration between local artist Jesica Sadler, designers Levi Marcus and Travel Trinbago, and SpeSeas. The goal was to use art and science to raise awareness of the various threats faced by T&T reefs and the creatures that inhabit them and to highlight some simple measures that each individual can take to do their part to Rescue D Reef. Our initial designs included reef fish, sea turtles and corals all of which are under threat from human activity and climate change. In 2021 we introduced a new design featuring sharks that can be found in T&T's waters, and this year we have added the Caribbean Reef Octopus to our design lineup. Each design comprises original drawings by Jesica. The original initiative has since evolved into a full science communication campaign that is based on the idea that everyone can do their part to make positive changes in the way we interact with the marine environment.

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Shirts can be pre-ordered online and collected at our designated self-pickup location (see map below) or at our UpMarket stall (see dates at checkout). We also offer delivery within Trinidad and Tobago via TTPOST. See available delivery and pickup options at checkout.

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Payment can be made online using your credit or debit card via the WiPay platform or via Direct Deposit to our account. See full details at checkout.
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